The Best Home Fitness Gear for Staying in Shape

Memberships are not required to get or stay in shape, in fact some of the simplest to most efficient fitness items can easily be brought into your home to maximize any of your fitness goals without taking up too much space or requiring an additional commute to a public gym. Below we will discuss some of the top rated home fitness gear for staying in shape.


Home Fitness Gear Must Haves


Adjustable Dumbbells- Free weights are an essential staple found at every gym, due to their universal use and ability to adapt to most workout goals. Ideally, a good set of weights should range anywhere from 5 pounds up to 100+ pounds, raising in 5 pound increments. This wide variety used to require a huge weight rack, and dozens of dumbbells purchased in sets. Today, there are adjustable dumbbells on the market that give the weight variety without taking up any more space than just one single set.


Chin-Up bars- With just a door frame, you are able to set a personal chin-up bar in place and use it for your upper body workouts. Generally speaking, chin-up bars are readily available and can often be found for under $30. Not only can these bars be used for pull ups but they are also wonderful to hang from which results in stretching and relieving certain back tensions, and they are perfect to take on a road trip when staying in a hotel.


Resistance bands-Another home fitness but travel worthy essential, are resistance bands. These compact, easy to store bands can create resistance usually up to 75 lbs. Resistance bands are used in routines for nearly every single body part, including but not limited to: core strengthening, biceps, back, thighs, and glutes. There is a plethora of sources online to provide new and fresh ideas for toning with resistance bands.


Jump Rope-Perhaps one of the simplest, yet most underrated of at-home fitness gear is the jump rope. The exercise of jumping rope is extremely beneficial in more ways than one. In terms of getting a great calorie burn, jumping rope has been shown to burn more calories than jogging. Aside from that, weight loss, improved coordination, cardio health and a decrease in ankle injuries are all gained from using the rope regularly. A jump rope is among the most cost efficient and portable items any home gym can have.


Exercise Ball-The versatility of an exercise ball makes it among the top gear to have whether your fitness goals are minor or major. Exercise balls are commonly used for doing sit ups and core stability workouts, however they can easily replace an entire weight bench with the added challenge of balancing as you bench press. Additionally, exercise balls are used to replace chairs,rehabilitate common injuries, assist in correcting posture, and to practice yoga stretches.


Fitness DVD’s-Staying in shape at home doesn’t mean you have to also create an entire routine for every day of the week.There are workout DVD’s or live streaming options available as unique as each person. From 5 minute Pilates all the way to serious at home body building, and everything in between.DVD’s are a great source for keeping momentum and staying on a strict schedule while at home.


Medicine Balls-A small weighted ball added to your at-home gear can be surprisingly versatile. Medicine balls come in many different sizes and weights to combine the benefits of using a dumbbell with the balance and core strength of using a stability ball. With medicine balls, workouts can include but are not limited to: Abs, lunges, squats, and deadlifts. The medicine ball can cover a full body toning routine.


Punching Bag-At first a punching bag is often viewed as a piece of gear that only helps someone who is interested in boxing, however that is not the case. Punching bags create a very exhilarating form of cardiovascular fitness by keeping the heart rate pumping and the sweat pouring. Along with cardio, punching bags help coordination, improve strength, assist in self-defense training and decrease stress levels.


Fitness Step Box-These boxes were first made popular in the late 1980’s but are as useful today as they were at the peak of their use. A step box can mimic the benefits gained on a bulky, expensive stair climbing machine without the hassle or investment. Though step boxes are great for serious fat burning and lower body workouts, they can also be used for upper body toning with exercises such as pushups and triceps dips. Most fitness step boxes come with adjustable bases to raise or lower the platform making it a great tool for plyometrics or even CrossFit training.


An all-in-one home gym-The Bowflex made the idea of combining all major weight training pieces found in a public gym available in one transitional piece of equipment. Since the initial launch of the Bowflex around 1986, many companies have come up with their own versions of all-in-one total gyms. These gyms can get quite pricey, but they are designed to completely replace the need for investing in several pieces of equipment. Research is important when deciding on an all-in-one gym because the convenience and advantage of them depend substantially upon the goals of the person who will be using it. Some of the equipment is geared toward toning and cardio while others are for bulking and bodybuilding.


Fortunately, there are times when you don’t need to invest in new items to continue staying in shape at home. Many people have found creative ways to emulate gym equipment from everyday items already found in and around the house.


Fitness Gear You May Already Have


Stairs-Cardiovascular and lower body workouts can be done on stairs found inside or outside of the house.


Chair-A chair can be great for lunges, weight lifting and dips.


Canned goods-Soups cans, for example, can be a perfect small weight used for toning.


Walls-A wall can be used for wall sits which is considered one of the best lower body and core workouts.


Staying in shape at home is not only possible, it’s also practical. With all of the fitness gear designed today, there is no better time to get serious workouts done in smaller spaces than now. A determined mind and persistence are the final pieces to complete a successful fitness journey right where you live.

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Top Reasons to Coach Kids’ Sports

Coaching a child’s team is hard work. Other parents can be a pain, the hours a little, and usually there is no pay.

There are some great reasons to get involved. There are some reasons to coach a youth sports team.


  1. The coach must love kids. If they do not like little ones they should not coach them.


  1. Coaches are positive role models which children need. Many coaches do not realize the lifelong impact they have on their young players.


  1. The coach must have a love for the game and want to share this with others.


  1. There are some coaches that do not do the right thing and a good person will take over and do something about this. They will step up to be coach to help motivate and cheer on the kids.


  1. Hard work and fun can happen at the same time. A good coach can show children this.


  1. While the coach does not coach just to please other parents they can help others understand that sports can be a positive thing in their children’s life. Youth sports is a time for learning for both parents and children. A good coach can set a positive example for other parents.


  1. The news talks about abusive coaches and many parents want to change this. One of the best ways is to become a coach. They can do something to make a positive change.


  1. People love to win but winning isn’t everything. A good coach will help develop the skills of their players. While winning does make children happy the coach can help them develop their sports skills as well as positive character traits.


  1. Coaching children is not about making money. Many youth coach make little to no money. They want to be involved with their child and get to spend time with them.


  1. Parents want to be part of their child’s youth sports experience. There is no better way to get involved then coaching. This is the chance to bond with the child.


Many youth sports coaches end up leaving their position. There is a lot of pressure and it seems like they do not get enough support. If a person is not coaching for the right reason it is no surprise that they quit. Positive figures are needed in youth sports and now is a great time for a parent to get involved.